Ollie's Story

Photograph of Ollie

Little Ollie was diagnosed at 3 weeks old with Myelodysplasia, a pre-leukemic bone marrow condition.

Doctors found he had a very low platelet count and he had his first platelet transfusion immediately.

While doctors were looking for a suitable bone marrow donor Ollie was transfusion dependant. In all, Ollie had 75 platelet transfusions and 25 red cell transfusions.

Luckily, doctors were able to find a suitable bone marrow donor and Ollie had his bone marrow transplant in February 2007. Thankfully, the bone marrow transplant worked and Ollie's condition began to improve. Ollie had his last platelet transfusion in April 2007 and his platelets are now in the normal range.

Mum Jo would like to thank those donors who give their platelets:

"Thank you for donating platelets. Without platelet donors Ollie wouldn't be here today. Things are now getting back to normal and we are grateful for each day; visiting the ducks in the park is still a novelty! He's a happy, healthy boy."

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