Campaign For Us

Know someone or an organisation who can help with promotion of platelet donation?

Sometimes using your contacts can be an excellent way to convey important messages. We all have networks of people in our lives – whether through work, social clubs or friendship groups through which we can promote ideas and provide information, and demonstrate your passion about being a platelet donor. We have various ways in which we can help you share promotional messages about the importance of platelet donation, and ways in which you can help encourage others to take the first step in finding out if they too, can save lives through donating platelets.

On our downloads page we have posters / leaflets/ email and stickers for you to share with your contacts. All have our contact details on - to make it easy for people to take the first step. So make the most of your links now and share what you do using the materials provided.

Please always encourage people to register their interest through the website page or on our donor helpline 0300 123 23 23.

Put us in touch

If you have links with any local charities / good cause associations that you think might want to help get involved and promote platelet recruitment - please pass their details on to us. If you can provide a contact name and brief outline as to how they would like to work with us then send details to us here.