Inspire Others

Share your donation story Become an Advocate

As one of our highly valued committed donors - who better then to help us spread the word about platelet donation and encourage others to save-lives in the incredibly special way that you do.

Tell those you know what you do

Using contacts in your workplace or community group why not share with others why you donate? A testimonial can give people the insight behind why it is so important to give platelets, and the fact that it has come directly from you can add extra weight and provides inspiration for others to follow your lead.

Raise awareness

We have some promotional materials that you can use to bring platelet donation to the attention of others. Access our downloadable materials here.


You can share an email which provides information and helps to raise awareness about the need for platelets. Access our downloadable materials here.

Intranet / website / newsletter

If you have access or link to your communications colleague to organisational websites / intranet or newsletters there may be opportunities to place our promotional materials. We have web banners for them to place with a link through to our recruitment website. You could place the testimonial article in the newsletter too, access our downloadable materials here.

Set up a recruitment event

If you would like to arrange a dedicated recruitment event at your organisation we may be able to give you some assistance. Please contact us and one of our regional co-ordinators will get in touch