Share Your Donation Story

It is good for other potential people to know what triggered existing donors to start giving platelets, and what you get out of the experience. There is a chance for you to share what led you to Share your donation story donate - this could be because someone you know needed platelets, you have seen others do it or you read about it and wanted to save even more lives - knowing that you can donate more often.

There are a number of ways you can share your story including:

Social Media

How about sharing your next donation with your friends and family through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Take a 'selfie' photograph, or ask a member of staff to take one of you donating possibly wearing one of our stickers available on session - and then post and share to encourage others to follow your lead. For example "I helped someone survive lives - give platelets" Please put the website information so people can directly register online.

Share your experience with our personalised templates

We have a range of personalised templates which enables you to quickly and easily share your reasons for giving platelets with colleagues, friends and community groups - see the downloads page for templates. Please put the website information so people can directly register online.

Below are a couple of examples of reasons why people started giving platelets.

"Seeing the numerous bags of blood and platelets given to my daughter to keep her alive gave me an enormous sense of gratitude and a feeling of wanting to help others by donating platelets"

"Since becoming a father of two I have felt more responsible and I find it so easy to donate platelets, it’s such a worthy cause”.

Know someone who has benefited? Get them to get in touch!

Do you know someone who needed platelets to help them through recovery? Hearing about life saving stories of people who have needed platelets gives other potential donors a compelling reason to consider signing up to donate. Please ask them to contact us to share their story, one of our team will get in touch to discuss how they can support our campaigns.