How to become a platelet donor

Are you a blood donor? Make the switch from donating blood to platelets. 

There are 3 steps to becoming a platelet donor: 

  1. Check who we need

  2. Register your interest in becoming a platelet donor

  3. Take part in an assessment to check your suitability when you next give blood

Around 50% of people who go through this process are able to donate platelets.

A man smiles while he donates
One donation can help up to 3 adults or 12 children

Who we need

You may be able to donate platelets if all of the following apply to you. 

You need to:

  • have A negative, A positive or AB negative blood

  • have given blood or platelets before

  • be between 17 and 65 (find out more if aged 66+)

  • weigh more than 50kg

  • be able to spare up to 2 hours to donate

  • be able to travel to one of our donor centres 

Read more about who can donate and where you can donate

Checking your suitability

When you next give blood we will carry out a quick and simple platelet sample assessment.

At the assessment we will:

  • assess your veins to see if they are suitable to give platelets

  • check you have enough blood to donate safely. This is based on your height and weight

  • take a blood sample to check your platelet count

  • take an extra blood sample from women to test for antibody levels

You will also have the chance to ask any questions.

Getting your results

We will contact you after a couple of weeks with the results from your blood sample. 

If you are suitable, we’ll arrange your first appointment to donate platelets. 

If you are not suitable, don’t worry, you can continue to help others by giving blood.

If you have taken part in an assessment and have not heard from us after 8 weeks, please email us with your details.

Become a platelet donor

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