Coronavirus advice

Please continue donating platelets if you can. People rely on your donations. 

To make donating as safe as possible for everyone, we have made a few changes to our sessions. 

If you have an appointment to donate soon, please read the following advice before you come.

Giving platelets during coronavirus

Check you are ok to attend a session and able to donate – read health rules about the coronavirus situation 

Travel - travelling to donate is allowed, even if there are restrictions in your area

Keep your appointment - reschedule it if you can't come by calling us on 0300 123 23 23

Wear a fabric face covering - this doesn't have to be a surgical mask, but should cover your mouth and nose. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exemptions to this rule. If you can't wear a face covering, please donate again when this restriction is no longer necessary

Coronavirus vaccines - you will need to wait 7 days after your vaccination before you can donate

Attend alone - in the interests of safety please attend your appointment alone if you can

Arrive on time - please arrive at your appointment time (not earlier). To help social distancing we may ask you to wait outside for a short while before coming in


A member of staff waits a  desk to check donors before they arrive
There are extra safety measures when you come to donate

Safety measures

We've put extra safety measures in place including:

  • bigger spaces between chairs to help maintain social distancing

  • asking you some questions to rule out risks from coronavirus and checking your temperature from your forehead when you arrive. Only people with no risk factors for infection will be able to enter the donor centre

  • extra cleaning

  • increased hand washing for staff 

  • hand gel for donors to use

There is more information about giving platelets during coronavirus on the NHS blood donation website. 


A donor carer cleans a donation chair
Our sessions are clean and safe